Company Profile

North Range Resources, LLC is focused in the Williston Basin in McKenzie and Billings Counties in North Dakota and Roosevelt and Richland Counties in Montana.

Exploration and Production

It is hard to imagine the world economy and modern civilization without oil and gas. The world economy has been developing with oil for over 100 years. Oil and gas supplies energy for heat and power, operates the military and is found in everyday items such as plastics, clothes and medicines. Oil is high-quality energy and energy is vital for a high-quality of life. In essence, energy equals wealth for everyone who uses it. NRR is in pursuit of a growth strategy in support of America’s energy independence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to harvest natural resources essential to our economy and the public consumers through responsible strategies and methods of exploration and development using best practices for creating real value and sustainable business growth.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to strategically grow NRR into a leading oil and gas exploration company in North America. Our long-term vision is guided by our careful assumptions about the industry, marketplace volatility, economic risks and our position in the marketplace.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is built around organizational nimbleness combined with cost-effectiveness. This approach gives us the sustained ability to be responsive to change and execute quickly based on real-world dynamics while delivering on performance targets.

Our Goal

Our goal is to generate long-term value by growing production and building reserves through strategic acquisitions, exploration and development using our talented team of people and advanced technologies while controlling costs and promoting efficiencies to achieve attractive returns on invested capital.

Our Growth

North Range Resources presently controls over 25,000 acres of leasehold in McKenzie and Billings Counties, North Dakota targeting the Bakken and Three Forks formations. Within this leasehold we have identified over 100 drilling locations with the first stage of drilling set to begin in the second quarter of 2016. We are continually looking for additional acreage within the Williston Basin in North Dakota. North Range Resources also has a 952 acre leasehold position in the Montana Bakken in Richland and Roosevelt Counties, Montana.